About Us


inksen inksen is a technology solution partner that values success of customers as much as ours, enables them to take bold steps in adopting new technologies.Together with 20 years of software development, professional management, and active consulting experienced employees, inksen develops innovative software that will differentiate your business from its competitors with the importance we attach to details and quality.

Our company, which takes an active role in your digital transformation journey by constantly following innovative technologies, draws its strength from its passion to create concrete values.

We are not just a software company. We are a technology solution partner that values the success of our customers as much as our own, enables them to take bold steps in adopting new technologies, and always by their side.

What will be the gains of your company, if you work with inksen ?

Innovation driven engineering

İnksen offers successful and creative solutions to the most challenging problems with its innovative engineer team. Making difference in companies by choosing the right technologies is what we do best. Based on that, our customer recommendation rate is quite high.

Expert team and consulting

Thanks to our wide and experienced consultant team members, besides software engineering technology consulting, you can get other main consultancy services on your projects master plan.

Adaptation to digital transformation

We can keep you up to date with ever-changing trends by helping you to use innovative technologies appropriately in your business. In this way, you will focus on your main business easily and have more opportunity to get ahead of your competitors in short time.

Business expenses reduction

By realizing your development ideas, you will speed up your processes and gain a cost advantage -up to 30% in your projects. In addition, thanks to the right project management, you can make your operations more efficient and increase income indirectly.

Success and leadership focused approach

We want our customers to always be one step ahead in their competitive market. In addition to short-term projects, prefer to focus on our customers' long-term strategic goals. There are "success, continuous improvement and leadership" in our DNA.