Our consulting services aim to keep our clients at the top of the ever-changing global market using the latest technological trends. Our experts will support you at every stage of the solution and software development lifecycle.

inksen overcomes technical challenges by applying a systematic approach at both corporate and business architecture levels to ensure predictability and efficiency. Thanks to our extensive technical and process capabilities, your groundbreaking ideas will quickly turn into tangible business results.

All these processes will reach you with an innovative and destructive visionary infrastructure that the developing technological world offers to companies. The latest process improvement tools such as machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI), and robotic processes (RPA) are among the most valuable building blocks of our technology consulting service.

In addition to our technical consultancy services, we also provide services to our customers in areas such as strategic planning, marketing, business development, logistics, and management consultancy, thanks to our competent consultant team who are experts in their fields.

When you may need inksen consultancy services?

inksen Consulting services and technological developments are together. Target the top with global consultancy service.

- If you think, your company does not have enough information about digital transformation processes.

- If you observe that the classical business models and technological infrastructure that you have been applying for a long time are moving away from the needs of the market.

- If you are interested in e-commerce and want to grow your business with artificial intelligence, big data, customer experience, mobile application, UI / UX, and similar technologies.

- If you think you have deficiencies in logistics management, shipment tracking, and time planning.

- If you think your operating expenses are too high and you want to automate all your processes.

- If you are not satisfied with your company's overall speed and agility of operation.

In summary, if you want your business to catch up with the age and you need a reliable technology solution partner in this regard, please contact us. Let's add value to your company processes and vision by using innovative technologies.


As inksen, we offer a wide range of consultancy services that require different specialties.

Our technology consultancy service, which will differentiate you from your competitors, will provide great added value to your business in the short and medium term.

Technology and Digital Transformation
Management and Strategic Planning
Sales and Marketing
Logistics and Warehouse Management
Foreign Trade and Customs Clearance


After detailed analysis of our consultant team, we present a perfect solution vision and product hypotheses for different problems of your business.
In this way, we make your processes more manageable, hi-quality, predictable and productive.