If you want your e-commerce business volume to grow rapidly, it is very important to use the power of technology. Your existing e-commerce site may have lagged in time or you may not have been able to integrate new customer-oriented technologies with your site.

If the definition above fits you, you should transform your e-commerce platform according to today's needs as soon as possible. You can benefit from the technical excellence and expertise of inksen in e-commerce development solutions to expand your consumer audience, make your brand stronger in the market, improve your retention rates and maximize your operating earnings.

As inksen, we help retail brands to adopt digital transformation to be successful in the ever-evolving e-commerce environment. From an artificial intelligence-focused approach to predictive analytical models that analyze customer data and interactive commerce, we redefine your customers' experience and offer you the latest technological solutions to get you ahead of the competition with e-commerce development solutions.

inksen E-commerce solutions makes more effective to set up and manage e-commerce sites.E-Commerce Platform Development

As a top-level e-commerce development company and your technology solution partner, inksen creates a brand new e-commerce platform designed with up-to-date technologies or renews your existing platform according to the requirements of the age. We offer powerful database management in parallel with secure network configuration, remote server, and infrastructure solutions. Our cloud development experts will help you leverage a flexible and highly scalable cloud solution infrastructure so you can focus on growing your business.

We take a deep dive into the details of your business as the first step to deliver custom enterprise e-commerce software to power your digital transformation. We enable you to leverage our latest technical expertise and specialized e-commerce development services to drive profitable growth through advanced shopping experiences, IoT-enabled supply chain automation, and data-driven business intelligence systems.

E-commerce mobile application development

With an e-commerce mobile application, you can get the chance to reach your customers on 7/24. Our expert team in creating mobile e-commerce applications focuses on the needs of users who prioritize purchases from mobile devices. For this, we offer a powerful e-commerce development solution that has stylish user interfaces and aims to offer rich functionality. Location-based marketing, in-app messaging, push notifications, personalized offers, etc. With solutions, we enable you to increase your sales and gain loyal customers.

inksen E-commerce software and mobile app development solutions are under the same roof.Make your e-commerce business stand out from the competition

We use AI-powered analytics for exceptional customer experiences. In today's e-commerce environment, where competition is very high, brands compete to attract customers' attention. Now consumers expect unique experiences tailored to them from all e-platforms. Personalization has become a key that opens all doors. This forces e-commerce software development companies to constantly focus on customer data and customization.

As inksen, we help e-commerce brands exceed customer expectations with our machine learning experience. We offer special offers and promotional messages that increase user loyalty and satisfaction by analyzing rich consumer data collected at multiple touchpoints using AI-powered algorithms.

Technical expertise in DevOps for fast market penetration

With the increasing rate of change, we take advantage of DevOps to optimize the speed of your software to get ahead in the competitive market. We deliver faster releases and more efficient projects through continuous integration, testing, and deployment.

E-Commerce Solutions and Mobile Application | inksen
When you may need an e-commerce site or mobile app?

- If you have difficulty understanding your target customers and meeting their evolving needs with classical sales models.

- Your retail customers' conversion rate is very low and you are looking for ways to improve your sales.

- If your store, rent, and salary costs are high and your investment cannot be paid off.

- If you are not satisfied with the growth rate and agility of your business.

For detailed information please contact our professional technology consultants.

What we do to create a very strong, fast, customer-oriented and developable e-commerce platform?


We offer iconic designs to your online showcase that set you apart from others and your competitors. We help you delight your customers with well thought-out user journeys across all channels.

BI - Business Intelligence

Short-term solution range with our business intelligence solutions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML)

We add business intelligence to your processes to achieve efficiency in the entire supply chain, from automated warehouse management to streamlined logistics, faster turnaround and lower shipping costs.

Data and Analytics

We're removing old-fashioned guesswork in your decision-making process. We provide solutions using data-based analytics to personalize customer experiences, predict demand patterns and reduce losses.


We are making very successful DevOps arrangements to take advantage of the improved e-commerce infrastructure, automatic value delivery and seamless enterprise integrations.


We offer cloud services to support the growth of your business, remain agile and fast, unmatched flexibility and cost effective scalability.


We leverage IoT-powered retail business intelligence to gain insights into shopping behavior, improve audience targeting, and gain real-time visibility into your assets.


We develop secure software for e-commerce applications and ensure that your e-commerce business is tightly protected with a comprehensive security assessment.