What is E-Commerce Marketing Platform?

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In this article, we will focus on the E-Commerce Marketing Platform, which is one of the most important concepts for e-commerce trade companies that spend huge budgets on it. You would find comments about the following topics; What is E-Commerce Marketing Platform? Current trends of e-commerce marketing platforms, The future of e-commerce marketing platforms, etc.

What is E-Commerce Marketing Platform?

E-commerce sites, which have managed to increase their sales figures day by day with the Covid-19 pandemic, benefit from many different marketing applications. The marketing of products is as important as the quality of the products which the firms sell for the success of an e-commerce site. Among the marketing methods frequently used by successful e-commerce sites are e-mail marketing, SMS marketing, interactive loyalty programs, and sharing user-generated content (UGC) on social media sites. Platforms that allow all these marketing methods to be managed in a single panel are called e-commerce marketing platforms. This type of platform, which is newer in the marketing sector, provides the management of the comments and evaluations of the products as well as all the marketing tools we have mentioned above.

Businesses using such platforms can easily use many different e-commerce marketing tools and product evaluation features from a single panel. Small and medium-sized e-commerce companies save on marketing budgets and increase sales rates with e-marketing tools, those are just a few of the advantages of e-commerce marketing platforms.

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Due to developing technologies and frequently changing user habits, e-commerce marketing strategies are constantly changing. Marketing tools that have not been successful over the years are abandoned, and marketing tools that are more suitable for today's customer demands are started to be used. When we look at the latest trends in the e-commerce marketing industry, social media marketing and User-generated content (UGC) stand out. E-commerce companies aim to increase their sales rates by publishing advertisements and sponsored content on social media sites visited by millions of people every day.

Yotpo, which offers one of the most successful examples of e-commerce marketing platforms in the world, carried out a comprehensive study in 2020 to better understand the behavior of customers during purchasing. The report, published on Yotpo's website under the name of “Reducing eCommerce Returns”, contains important and remarkable information about the current and future trends of the e-commerce marketing industry. In the study conducted with a total of 2000 e-commerce customers from different age groups, it was found that users carefully read the comments about the product before purchasing a product and looked at the relevant video content, if any. On average, 55% of customers prefer to browse this content created by users before making a purchase. The same rate is 97% for the 18-29 age group. Such a high rate reveals the importance of user comments and video content in young generations' e-commerce shopping. This study, which reveals the positive effect of product-related comments and evaluations on sales rates in e-commerce, is a guide for e-marketing platforms that want to catch e-marketing trends.

digital-marketingThanks to the application called evaluation integration, businesses using e-marketing platforms can check the feedback, comments, and ratings they receive from all e-commerce sites they sell on a single panel and integrate these evaluations into all markets in which they operate. The advantages of this integration include making businesses more visible in all markets where they are active and offering more user content related to the product to customers. Thanks to these advantages, e-commerce companies can find the opportunity to stay one step ahead of their competitors who do not use relevant integration tools.

Visual User-generated content (VUGC), which is visual content created by users, is among the most popular trends of e-marketing applications in recent years. This marketing method, which is based on the production of visual content such as videos or photos about the products that users buy, is more successful in getting interaction on social media and video sharing sites. Customers who look at detailed promotional videos or high-quality photos about the product before purchasing the product significantly increase the likelihood of purchasing that product. Instagram and Facebook are at the top of the social channels where VUGC is used most actively. Thanks to the sponsored promotional content of the accounts you follow, you can also meet with e-commerce products that will attract your attention while spending time on social media.

E-mail and SMS marketing tools are also among the e-commerce marketing trends. It is ensured that the customer is informed about the latest developments in the e-commerce site with personally designed e-mails and SMS. E-mails and SMS prepared personally for the special days of the customers make it easier for the customer to connect with the e-commerce company.

social-media-marketingReferral and loyalty programs, which have gained popularity again in recent years, are also among the trends of e-commerce marketing. Loyalty programs that allow you to win various gifts and discount coupons when you reach a certain number of purchases or recommend the site to your friends are an e-marketing tool loved and widely used by customers. This marketing method, which increases both sales figures and customer interaction with the site, seems to maintain its popularity in the coming years.

The last of the e-commerce marketing trends is to analyze the target customers and market more suitable products to the customer. The target customer analysis method frequently used by global e-commerce sites is performed by analyzing the customer's previous sales. For example, while the customer is looking at the products he intends to buy on the e-commerce site, displaying products that are compatible with his purchasing trends and that the customer can love increases both the sales figures of the e-commerce site and the return rate of the customer to the relevant e-commerce site. The customer is more likely to shop from e-commerce sites, which he knows that he will only come across products he is interested in.

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The e-commerce industry is expected to remain popular after the pandemic. In a future where the e-commerce industry continues to grow rapidly, it is not difficult to predict that e-marketing platforms will follow this trend and become widespread rapidly and become a need of the companies in the sector.

Although there is no comprehensive e-commerce marketing platform that uses all of the above-mentioned marketing tools in our country, it is predicted that the number of these and similar platforms will increase in the coming years and will be more demanded by businesses. When we look at the e-marketing applications in the world, it is seen that e-commerce marketing applications generally focus on a single marketing tool. This requires businesses to purchase multiple applications for different marketing tools and integrate them into their systems. E-commerce marketing platforms, which will eliminate the dysfunction caused by this situation, will offer businesses a faster and easier to manage e-marketing experience. Small businesses and boutiques will be able to easily enter the world market and have the chance to do e-marketing worldwide with low budgets in the future with e-commerce marketing platforms that can work fully integrated with all of the world-famous marketplaces which are visited by millions of e-commerce customers every day such as Shopify, Big-commerce, Woo-commerce, Amazon, E-bay, and Shopware. E-marketing platforms, which will provide a great convenience for both small and large businesses, will be mentioned more often shortly.

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