Foreign Trade


Increasing globalization and the resulting new business models based on imports and exports. In today's world where digital transformation is inevitable, businesses now resort to technological solutions to effectively manage their foreign trade processes.

It is among our primary goals to perfect your journey from ordering or receiving from abroad to the delivery of the product to the end-user. In addition to the mobile application or platform-based process tracking solutions, the analysis of data generated during this entire journey, integration of technology such as artificial intelligence, robotic processes, machine learning into businesses now makes a difference.

As inksen, we take an active role as a technology solution partner in the growth of your business with a family of solutions that allow you to follow foreign trade at every stage. We are opening the door for your digital journey thanks to our team of experts in the field and our engineers with superior technological software development skills.

Our mobile application solutions, which we have developed specifically for your business, are life-saving for the follow-up of customs processes, which is one of the issues that foreign trade managers value and concentrate on.

We plan detailed business development processes and take a picture of the technological infrastructure of your business so that you can plan your foreign trade processes from the order stage to the delivery of the goods in the most efficient way. Then, we clarify the solution phase together on the issues you plan to develop.

In the light of all these data, the technological solutions that we will offer you will allow you to get ahead of your competitors and you will have a perfect foreign trade journey from start to finish.

inksen Foreign trade software and mobile application makes foreign trade management much easier. Tracking system with mobile application and import export software.
When you may need software service as a foreign trade company?

- If you are unable to produce solutions for your complex foreign trade needs.

- If you get lost among your files waiting at customs.

- If you have high foreign trade and customs clearance expenses and cannot control your processes.

- If you are not satisfied with the managerial speed of your import/export processes.

- If you cannot manage your potential customer data properly while opening new markets


In addition to being able to develop a foreign trade software or mobile application tailored to your request, our expert team of consultants can advise you on your foreign trade strategy or business focus.


For detailed information please contact our professional technology consultants.

What will be the benefits of our foreign trade oriented software solutions for your business?

End to data loss, perfect process management

If you have been doing foreign trade for many years and cannot manage your data properly, it means that you have to start a digital transformation journey in parallel with technology developments.

With our alternative technological solutions such as big data analysis, process automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, you will now be able to work much more efficiently and turn your gains into profit.

That way, you will now have more time to reach new customers.

Mobile application that allows you to keep track of your customs files

If your customs file numbers are far above the controllable level, inksen comes to make your job easier. At what stage of customs clearance are your files?

Has the declaration written ?, Has TSE results been received ?, Has the officer approved the file ?, Is the declaration paid? etc. How many times a day do you answer these questions?

With the platform and mobile application solutions we have developed for customs clearance companies and foreign trade companies, all your processes are now at your fingertips!