The most difficult and critical issue for import or export businesses is the efficiency of customs processes. While even minutes are important in customs procedures, small delays may cause irreversible results.

With the innovative and destructive technology solutions we have developed at inksen, we offer precise solutions to companies whose business is to provide customs clearance services or to import & export-oriented enterprises. Thanks to the platform and mobile applications with the latest technology infrastructure - developed by our team of expert consultants and software engineers -, customs broker companies will be able to instantly let their customers monitor all processes. In this way, both sides have gains based on time and cost savings.

While implementing the innovative solutions to minimize the bottlenecks of foreign trade companies during customs clearance,  we first analyze in detail the import or export-based customs clearance processes and define all processes.

In parallel with the analyzes made, we are making improvements to our range of innovation-based solutions in order to apply the most accurate strategies for businesses and to enable customs clearance companies to serve faster.

inksen Customs clearance software solutions gives customs process monitoring. With the new mobile application, customs clearance companies provide perfect customer satisfaction.
When you would need software service as a customs clearance company?

- If you cannot produce solutions to the constantly evolving needs of your customers.

- Your customer retention rate is low and you are looking for ways to improve.

- If your operating expenses are high and you cannot get the return on your investment.

- If you are not satisfied with the pace of new customer acquisition, growth of your business.

In addition to develop a customs process software or mobile application tailored to your request, our expert team of consultants can advise you on your trade strategy focus.
For detailed information please contact our professional technology consultants.

What benefits will our customs clearance software solutions bring to your business?

Time, performance, efficiency, profit, lower cost, happy customer, productivity, manageble process etc.

Noticeable increase in customer satisfaction

The main expectation of the companies from the customs clearance companies is to complete the export / import process as soon as possible. The increase in the number of files and the gradual progress of the customs clearance processes sometimes make tracking very difficult.

In addition to customs clearance services, inksen solutions enable you to have much happier and loyal customers by offering technological solutions. At the same time, noticeable improvements in time savings by reducing your email traffic.

Increased employee productivity and cost advantage

Thanks to our customs clearance platform and mobile application solutions, you can control the workload of your employees and have a much faster and more efficient work flow process during the day.

Thanks to our rewarding or gamification solutions, your employees will increase performance by  high motivation. Besides by effective process management and data analysis, your business will have the chance to reduce its costs.