Logistics & Transportation


In today's competitive business world where every minute counts, it is very important to use time efficiently in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and to focus processes by optimizing logistics and transportation operations.

inksen Logistics management meets technology. Based on this awareness, the solutions we have developed specifically for the logistics sector continue to add value to the logistics processes of many companies. Thanks to our general solution packages or our software and mobile application solutions that can be tailored to the needs of your company, we step up your logistics and transportation processes.

Together with our project partners, we optimize your delivery routes by minimizing the problem of traffic congestion in order to use time effectively. In this way, we reduce your fleet operating costs and enable you to improve the shipping experience for your customers.

Thanks to the effective use of our innovative solutions, it is now much easier for you to use your budgets more efficiently with correctly designed logistics and transportation processes. 


Integrated with the technological competence of our software engineers to grow your operations sustainably; We share our deep expertise in maps, navigation, data analysis, platform development, and integration with you.

inksen Shipping software, mobile application, transportation software, cargo tracking and logistics software solutionsWe empower logistics companies, vehicle fleets, on-demand delivery services, and traffic managers with our expertise-based software development services based on mapping and location technologies.

Whether you are providing international transportation or local transportation services, by using our advanced technology and engineering services with the solutions we have prepared; We help you save time, fuel, and alternative costs arising from complex process management.

In addition to being able to develop a logistics trade software or mobile application tailored to your request, our expert team of consultants can advise you on your trade strategy or business focus.

For detailed information please contact our professional technology consultants.

Why do you need a logistics or transport software?

Are you saying "I already manage my related processes in some way and I don't need more"?

Don't you want to analyze the bottlenecks of your company's current logistics processes or your needs that you are not yet aware of?

To win new customers

With shipping software solutions, you can provide your customers with excellent gains. The biggest problem of businesses; The fact that it cannot quickly solve the problems faced by customers in delivery services, logistics software solutions, order workflow and integration with the business.

Sometimes you can spend months trying to find what's missing or where your lost packets are going. In order to solve all these problems, you need a software for the management of your logistics or transportation processes.

To keep your customers

Timely and secure delivery leads to gaining loyal customers. If you run a large fleet of vehicles, or dream of an Uber-like app, or build a car sharing service; It is very important to direct vehicles with valuable cargo and analyze their behavior patterns.

You can accelerate your critical business decisions by relying on our multi-layered logistics software solutions. All of these factors are highly effective in gaining and retaining new customers with shipping logistics software solutions.

What are the additional benefits of managing logistics processes with a software platform or mobile application for the company?

Win in the competition

Tough competition in transport and logistics leaves little chance for companies that don't have a data-driven mindset. Intelligent transportation management and logistics software solutions provide a clear understanding of how efficiently you use your vehicle fleet, increasing visibility and control over transportation expenses.

Turnkey location solutions put you ahead of your competitors with the ability to plan demand for your services, find optimal routes, avoid traffic congestion, and reduce workloads to keep drivers fit for the next job. You can integrate your logistics software solutions directly with your customers' business applications to avoid inconsistencies in shipping schedules. You will also have the chance to produce value-added solutions by integrating it with different field services.

Better future for all

Logistics-related problems are global and today companies require to take responsibility in this regard. Cities are growing and deliveries are becoming a headache for service providers and customers alike. At the same time, with the connections between locations becoming stronger than ever, using software solutions for businesses is now a very important variable.

Knowing the emission footprints leads large logistics companies to be environmentally conscious. Traffic jams often paralyze big cities, it's easy to escape from busy streets with route optimization. For all these, it is necessary to maximize the use of data in remote vehicle monitoring and recovery processes. For this purpose, the application of GPS technology in industries will take us to the world of smart cities in the coming years and the concept of a better future for everyone is no longer a dream.