With its innovative and disruptive technology solutions, inksen helps retailers provide consistent and customer-oriented shopping experiences in all channels. While doing so, we first analyze the troublesome points your company faces in detail and define your processes.

inksen Retail software solutions integrated with mobile applications.

Later, we implement the most beneficial innovation-based solutions for your company from our range - enable you to implement the right strategies and grow in the competitive retail industry.

Simultaneously with this process, we continue to search for motivation sources that cause consumer behavior and transformation. In the light of all these data, we bring your business to a higher level of efficiency thanks to our retail software development services by using the strong technical experience of our software development experts.


When you would need a retail software development service?inksen Retail store logistics and cargo tracking are easy.

- If you have difficulty understanding your target audience and meeting their evolving needs.

- Your conversion rate is very low and you are looking for ways to improve.

- If your costs are high and your investment is not paying off.

- If you are not satisfied with the growth rate and agility of your business.

In addition to being able to develop retail software in line with the needs of your business, we are here to advise you on your product development strategy and business focus thanks to our expert consultants in their sectors. Contact our experts for our new solutions for price optimization, product recommendations, smart sales, or customer analytics. Leverage our cross-industry expertise to make better technical choices and sustainably scale your product.

In addition to retail solutions, inksen expert team can help you build a solid e-commerce infrastructure for your business or scale an existing solution to gain a competitive advantage over competitors. inksen software development experts have extensive experience in custom web and mobile application development.

Besides being able to develop a retail software or mobile application tailored to your request, our expert team of consultants can advise you on your trade strategy or business focus.

For detailed information please contact our professional technology consultants.

What benefits will our retail software solutions bring to your business?

Increase store and employee productivity

We bring a deeper level of automation to your operations, allowing you to keep up with changes in the market.

We enable your staff to produce the best performance by providing real-time information for their in-store operations.

In order to facilitate repetitive manual work, we offer intelligent assistance tools supported by robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and big data, and increase the productivity of your employees.

In-store data analysis & Cost advantage

In-store analytics, advanced inventory analysis and supply chain optimization are among the retail business development services provided by inksen.

Let our professional team help you reduce your operational costs, gain value-added digital capabilities that will increase the customer experience and ultimately the value of your business.