Platfrom Development


When companies reach a certain size, they need different solutions in parallel with technological development and market needs. In cases where existing software solutions or package programs are insufficient in terms of process analysis and business development, creating powerful and developable platforms specific to companies is one of the most strategically effective and preferred methods.


inksen Software platform development service makes great difference. Our experienced software platform engineers will open your horizons in terms of digital transformation goals.


Thanks to your software platform specially designed for you by our expert software development engineers; you can create cloud-based applications and get a comprehensive development and distribution environment that you can customize with ready solutions.

As a result of an optimized efficient preliminary study, software development platforms developed on the basis of correct analysis of the company vision. The platform is powerful and accessible in terms of design; offers excellent resources to create solutions, services and tools, collaborate and deliver data on demand.

As inksen, we help you create a special platform for your company that aims to reach a wide audience that can be used by you or all the stakeholders you communicate with.

When you may need to develop a custom platform for your company?

- If you feel that you have difficulty meeting your needs with classical methods while managing your internal or external processes.

- If you think that you are behind in platform development solutions compared to your competitors.

- If you are questioning your competencies in project or process efficiency.

- If you see that the time and costs we spend for standard jobs are high.

- If you are not satisfied with the speed of your business in digital transformation and catching up with the age.

You dream, then your technology solution partner realizes. For detailed information please contact our professional technology consultants.

What benefits will our platform solutions bring to your company?

Business development-oriented approach tailored to your company's needs

Platform work can be carried out for all kinds of activities of businesses, strategically in line with the vision target or on the basis of existing business development processes.

The developed platforms are supported by productivity-based business development technologies such as data analysis, business intelligence and artificial intelligence.

Focused on digital transformation and catching the age

Don't let your competitors get ahead of your business and take over your customers by investing in technology.

Today, the number of businesses that monitor platform-based processes and projects is increasing day by day. Do not be late to analyze your basic needs and determine your roadmap with your technology solution partner.