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In today's World, companies invest the most in; sales, marketing, brand advertising activities. Because of changing purchasing behaviors - new technological developments and most importantly rapid increase in the rate of e-com sales in the overall turnover of companies - also changed total investment picture.

inksen SPEETTA makes shipment management, distribution and delivery tracking easy and on mobile app screen.

New concepts, such as on-time delivery, order tracking, customer satisfaction, user-friendly applications, loyal customer creation, artificial intelligence, accurate data collection, and analysis have become much more important. Even very successful and organized companies that have a great sales process, sometimes experience customer loss simply because they cannot deliver the product correctly or do not provide information on order tracking.

For this reason, many companies have now activated their own local distribution teams in addition to the services they receive from cargo service providers. To manage such processes in the best way, correct project analysis and working with a competent technology solution partner are critical.

As inksen, we produce target-oriented solutions to this problem of enterprises by using the most up-to-date technological infrastructures. Thanks to our expert software development team and strong professional consultant staff, we set up all delivery processes end-to-end and differentiate your business from your competitors. We crown your digital transformation journey with excellent experiences and strategic business developments.

What is SPEETTA© or TMS?

TMS (Transportation Management System) is also known as the distribution and shipment management system.

SPEETTA© is the general name of the product family that facilitates the distribution and shipment management processes of the enterprises, produces innovative and fast solutions to their problems as its name suggests.

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SPEETTA© Mobile Application

It is now very easy to manage your shipment or cargo tracking processes. With our mobile application integrated with your warehouse management system (WMS), you can plan your shipments between your offline stores or end-user shipments. In addition, in case of a special request, it is possible to control the cost of cargo services you have already received. Our system allows the cargo companies you receive service to be integrated into the system.

What can you do with SPEETTA© Mobile Application?

After integrating with the warehouse management system, you can manage all your cargo shipments, plan your shipments and track their route. You can follow the delivery processes instantly and inform your customers. You can store your shipping data and improve your processes thanks to technologies such as business intelligence and machine learning. You can control your shipping costs and many more value-added services.

What is the SPETTA© Control Tower?

Control Tower is the management screen of the SPEETTA© application. You can plan and report the entire operation on this screen. In addition, all your processes are at your fingertips with additional features such as cargo order planning, vehicle disposition, order, and vehicle tracking, notification planning.

SPEETTA Distribution Management, Delivery Tracking - App | inksen
When you may need the SPEETTA© Distribution and Delivery mobile app?

- If you have difficulty understanding your target customers and meeting their evolving needs with classical shipping models.

- If you think you have deficiencies in shipment tracking and employee performance control.

- If you think your fuel costs are too high and you cannot plan your time efficiently.

- If you are not satisfied with the speed and agility of your logistics and shipping operation.

For detailed information please contact our professional technology consultants.

What benefits SPEETTA© mobile application solution provide to your company?

Time and cost savings in short term

The most important variable that companies cannot replace if they cannot manage their operations properly is "time". Thanks to SPEETTA, you will plan your time much better and achieve a visible reduction in your costs.

With updated technology that follows market needs constantly, we bring a deeper level of automation to your delivery operations, allowing you to keep up with the changes in the market.

You get big data opportunity for maximum efficiency and performance management for your employees.

Customer satisfaction and loyality

It is very important to make a difference in delivery management so that you can manage increasing customer demands correctly. Thanks to its ability to share information instantly, SPEETTA puts you ahead of the competition.

Together with growing e-commerce volumes, it has become much more important to manage the increasing shipping costs. If you are working with more than one cargo service provider and you have dozens of cargoes per day, it is now much easier to check and report them. With SPEETTA, we offer you end-to-end controllable delivery management.