Customer purchase journeys that have multiple touchpoints and sales channels are becoming increasingly complex. It is very important to identify market opportunities by analyzing different customer expectations well during this journey. In this context, managing a wholesale business is one of the critical topics for companies.

With its innovative and disruptive technology solutions, inksen helps companies that prefer wholesale channels to provide consistent and customer-oriented shopping experiences in every aspect. While doing so, we first analyze the troublesome points your business faces in detail and define your processes. Later, we implement the most beneficial for your business from our innovation-based solutions to ensure that you implement the most accurate strategies and grow your sale out wholesale.

inksen Wholesale software solutions and mobile application development services. Logistics and delivery management, cargo tracking solutions.


Gain richer customer insights with the help of big data analytics. Build a personalized relationship with each wholesale customer, understand what products and new solutions fit into your target audience. Then decide what types of sales offers will create interest with potential customers. 

In addition to being able to develop a wholesale software or mobile application tailored to your request, our expert team of consultants can advise you on your trade strategy or business focus.

For detailed information please contact our professional technology consultants.

What will be the benefits of our wholesale focused software solutions for your business?

Loyal wholesale customer portfolio as a result of optimum process improvement suggestions to your wholesale customers with innovative solutions and increased customer satisfaction.

More detailed data analysis about your wholesale customer

By using the existing data obtained in your processes or the data that is likely to occur in the future, we turn it into meaningful and valuable criterias thanks to the big data analysis made by our competent teams.

By using this data, you will have taken the first step to better understand your wholesale customers, increase your business volume and make your processes efficient.

Strategic approach for potential wholesale customers

In addition to the data developed within the system, a perfect infrastructure is created by supporting this big data, which is formed by taking market variables into account, with the most advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

In this way, you would have a strategic process analysis that allows you to approach the wholesale customers you want to reach in the most accurate way.