Development Teams


Besides providing solutions to the needs of enterprises with its talented, development-oriented, and innovative software development team, inksen is also establishing project-based software development teams in technical expertise required projects.

inksen - one of the best technical expertise providers in line with its experience - establishes, scales and manages a remote development team upon your company request. The newly formed team will work as a seamless extension of your in-house units. In this way, our outsource software engineering team will help you realize your projects quickly and smoothly.

When you may need to use an outsourcing software team?
inksen Software development team and finding outsource software developers are easy now. Forget problem about what or how should software team be.

- If you think your current software team is insufficient,

- If you need additional software development professionals for your seasonal new software project,

- If you do not want to deal with issues such as new personnel search, employment, and layoffs at the end of the project,

- If you want to improve your competence to develop with current technologies,

- If you are not satisfied with the speed and agility of software development of your company.

Thanks to our wide talent pool that can work in different locations and our competence to select the right team for the right projects, we are the biggest assistant of your business in a software development team. For detailed information please contact our professional technology consultants.

Software development is now easier with outsource support

One of the most important variables when managing large software projects is to efficiently manage a large-staffed team with the increasing number of employees.

Thanks to its expert professionals, accurate business development analysis and effective process optimization ability, inksen solves this problem for your business. inksen is always ready for end-to-end planning and perfect results.

More effective use of business resources with cost savings

The biggest challenge for companies is to be able to manage the process starting from the recruitment time to the dismissal at the end of the project in project-based employment processes.

The basic and alternative costs of minor flaws in plans can be painful. inksen follows these processes on your behalf and establishes the right team for your project.

What are the benefits of using outsource softwar teams ?

Would you like to reduce the burden of additional costs - office, transportation, food, tax, etc.- of software teams work in different locations and record them in a single line?