Digital Transformation

Technology Consultant and Solution Partner

Digital Expertise

Our company DNA includes process approach codes that are solution-oriented and visionary perspective. There are three major things on basis of our expertise; experience in digital business development, using the skills in the most appropriate way, and incorporating the customer experience variable. This inclusive approach from end to end horizontally and vertically turned inksen into a successful and expert company in digital transformation and technology consultancy by taking an active role in achieving our customers' strategic goals.

Digital Solutions

Our software and mobile application solutions - designed according to your operational needs & focused on optimum efficiency and managerial processes - will be the key to the digital journey for your business. In case of your request, we would be happy to meet exchange ideas with our expert development engineers to talk about our unique range of solutions that can only be developed specifically for your business. Our projects will distinguish your company from your competitors and highlight the competition.



Technology Competence

Updated Technological Infrastructure

Our company has the competence to develop innovative software and mobile applications in many different languages ​​thanks to its expert and talented software team. In addition, inksen has focused on producing software projects that allow different solutions and are compatible with technological trends by following the constantly developing software infrastructures.

Besides, because of having that technological competence, which is one of our most important values, we are ready to develop innovative and solution-oriented processes for you.

We had the opportunity to work together with inksen on a very successful mobile application project that facilitates our domestic cargo distribution and logistics tracking processes and enables us to provide value-added service in our customer communication. I am very satisfied with the process analysis of the project team, the ability to produce fast solutions suitable for our needs, after-sales services, and especially the full services provided to our company during the creation of the project strategy. I am sure that we are working with the right technology partner.

General Manager

We had the opportunity to collaborate with inksen on the digital transformation journey of our logistics company. We use the platform and mobile application-based technology solutions they offer in transportation, logistics, and customs clearance topics. In general, I think we have received service from an experienced, knowledgeable, and innovative team. Besides we have achieved very productive gains during process and project management. I think we will undertake many innovations in the sector with our reliable technology solution partner.

General Manager

Professional Team

Expert Engineer, Manager ve Consultant Team 

Our company provides mobile application & software development and global consultancy services together working with professionals who have international project development experience.

We are ready to make a difference for you with our young and dynamic software team, which is capable of producing solutions in different fields of activity, as well as its academic advisors and management staff who have huge experience in different industries.

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